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"Untitled Art have made quite a savvy record, successfully aligning themselves ahead of current musical trends and assuring their continued relevance....Alternative dance music with a human heart at its core" - Independent Music News  

"Loud, brash, chaotic and very, very enjoyable" -Jamsphere  

"Philly…actually ticks more rock boxes than you might think in terms of power, drive, intensity, groove, ferocity, weight and sensibility. AC/DC it obviously isn’t but in many ways a new form of rock music it certainly makes an argument for being." - Dancing About Architecture  

"Ghost notes, unexpected shifts, and tight grooves are only some of the many things that make this production absolutely outstanding." - Band Camp Diaries  

"Combining extended synth waves and a distorted touch of rage...the sound is both manic and calm, gentle and heavy...the artist teeters between electronic rock and edm is quite cleverly maintained" - Stereo Stick Man  

"Among the most irresistible music we've run into in years" - Aquarian Weekly/Doktor John  

"Untitled Art seems to exist in a completely different realm!" - Soundlooks  

"These two meeting is like when Gary Numan started working with Ade Felton"...- Musicplayers  

"Seriously amazing, widely entertaining & tripped right out in all the best ways" - Sleeping Bag Studios

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Knee jerk reaction to hearing someone I was connected with musically complaining on a podcast about the lack of good bands and the end of the music business... Let me set the record straight...

411/15/2019 by UNTITLED ART